Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20th

Friday is Trash day and EVERY week this is what our trash can looks like we are super TRASHY!!!! I woke up and was so sore I could barely walk. LOL. I woke up and went to Pam's house so she could take Mark to the Dr. He hit his head on the rear view mirror of their van. She was concerned because he was dizzy and had a head ache. She took him to the DR and he has a mild concussion and she has to keep on eye on him. So far he is ok . After I left her house we went to Winco to grocery shop and I came home and made Supper Club. I took Wednesday off because Pam and Eve were out of town. I swapped for this Friday. So I made Bleu Cheese Burgers and grilled Zucchini. I delivered and came home. Isaiah had a low grade fever all day and is still teething. Poor Baby. Last night Sabrina and the kids came over. We attempted to watch a movie and Anthony and Joshua played around. We chatted until late in the night.

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