Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December begins

Saturday We woke up and had breakfast with the WHOLE family.. PaPa,Granny,Linda,Wayne,Nicole,Jaime,Jarod,Tanner,Caleb,Joshua,And Isaiah Oh and Myself..... We made an-awesome breakfast casserole and then Linda and kids headed back to a Bakersfield and Jaime and Jarod headed home to Oregon. We hung around a little while and then me pappy and the boys headed home as well. Sunday we went to church . Oh but before that . I forgot Isaiah's breathing monitor charger at my moms in Trona . I was up all night Saturday watching Isaiah breathe..... literally . I could not sleep . Raima got home at 1:30 am Sunday morning and relieved me for awhile but around 4:30 am he came in and woke me up because he was super tired. I got up and finished up the morning watching him sleep / My sister Nicole came home Sunday from my moms and brought us the charger. WOW what a long night . anyhow Sunday we went to church and then over to Nikki and Moe's to hang out . Moe took us out to dinner and we just hung with Auntie Nikki we didn't get to see her for Thanksgiving so we were missing each-other... Monday back to the NORM . Preschool and laundry from the trip . LIFE.. We did go to the see the lights at CALM Monday night with the Evens family. kinda becoming a tradition we have been the last 3 years with them . It is always fun the kids and adults rode the train and carrousel and we had hot chocolate and kettle corn and of course and apple dumpling. Tuesday morning our annual Christmas potluck at the Sabaloni's I made deviled eggs and we shared christmas decorating ideas and stories. Very fun. Tonight the SSSC club met at Star-bucks to plan our menu for the next 3 months. That is the Snobby Sister Supper club. We have been preparing dinners for each-other for about a year and 2 months now and we LOVE it. Wednesday we headed to Orange County to see Raima's Mom and Dad before they leave for Samoa. It was a nice trip we woke on wednesday morning and I made supper . Wednesday is my cooking day!! and then we were off to the big city. We arrived in Orange county about 1:30p. Exciting it was the first time Isaiah met his grandma,PaPa, Aunties, Uncles, and cousins on my husbands side. They were all very excited to see him and he slept through it all. LOL.. He is so cute he was passed around from arm to arm and never even knew what was going on. Joshua on the other hand was SUPER excited showed off his songs and hung out with his favorite uncle JR and played with his cousins. Auntie Shawn took him to target and bought him a dinosaur. He had a lot of fun. My house is al decorated for Christmas . We got out all of decorations on Tuesday after a inspiring meeting at MOPS . I came home and decked the halls. Fa la la la la lala la la!!

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