Sunday, December 21, 2008

10 days

Has it been 10 days my goodness.. Well like always I have to take it way back to friday the 12th.... Friday I cleaned the house and packed up for Orange County to go to Jeremiah's first birthday party.. We drove down and I helped Sa with the party stuff and hung out with Teri, Glory, Christine, and Shawne. We had So much fun making fun of each-other and putting Jeremiah's party together. i think the preparation for the party at least in in our family is sometimes more fun than the party it self. Saturday We woke and Headed to Atlantis play-center for Jeremiah's first birthday and boy was it a party there was TONS of people and food, games, cotton candy, grab bags, balloons, cake and presents It was so much fun . Saturday night we went back to Sa's and opened Jeremiah's presents there were far too many to open at the park . He got so much stuff. I bin full of clothes, toys, toys, toys and and Cadallac escalade, LOL He is going to be pimpin'.... Sunday We woke up and drove home and when we got home Harvey and Mary were here for Christmas . My mom already had 3 or 4 loads of laundry done and dinner ready when we got here LOVE THAT .... Monday morning we got joshua off to school and I started Christmas shopping and Coco and I went to Costco and we also baked for the cookie exchange . Tuesday was book club and April brought Anthony and Addy over to play then we we were off to the cookie exchange , Very good cookies and lots of fun ...We also had a dryer accident on tuesday we washed a pen with some of Isaiah's clothes and diapers that I had borrowed from Pam . UGH .. Nicole came over we all worked to get he stains outof the diapers. Wednesday My sister, mom and I went to State Farm for lunch and to shop in the company store then we went to the good stuff It is on Calloway and Brimhall and it is a thrift store that I love it is called the good stuff and yes hence the name their stuff is GOOD... Thursday was my birthday and I turned 31 ugh ... I had a great day we took the kids to valley plaza to get their pictures taken with Santa.. Then we came home and Raima and I went out just the 2 of us and then we went to TJ Max to do some Christmas shopping. I had a great birthday My mom bought me a watch and I received lots of phone calls from friends and family Joshua bought me a beanie and shoes and my sisters and I are celebrating on January 3rd. Friday Raima volunteered in Joshua' classroom and made ginger bread houses... We did some shopping Raima raked the yard and Griselda came. Saturday was the Crandall Christmas. We had a prime rib dinner and exchanged gifts with Nicole and Linda. Everyone was here all day we made cookies and ginger bread houses and had a wonderful dinner and hung out ALL day with each-other.. Well I am finally caught up to today and we woke this morning and went to church .

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Cheeziemommie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Glad to hear you had a good one! You will have to tell me more about this thrift store! I love thrift shopping! What are you and your sister's doing to celebrate? Are you busy next week?