Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh how I wish was my door was bigger!!! Or the wreath was smaller!!!

Tuesday morning and we have a lot to get done around the Lefotu Lounge.... Raima has to get our couches and move the old ones out and our 'NEW' ones in . Our $75.00 Maroon Masterpieces are in the garage we are giving them to the first person that drives by needing ugly couches, LOL... I cleaned out Johua's room and closet to get ready for Winter and Christmas I know little late I put away summer clothes and in winter went through the tubs in the garage Blah Blah Blah.. three bags of trash and two piles for the good will we were finished. Wednesday morning Raima worked in Joshua's class and I stayed home. Then off the Costco we went . I bought a beautiful wreath the was $40.00 for my front door. I have been wanting a wreath for a couple of years now and I bought one today and today it will not fit on my door that is right I would need 2 of my doors for this sucker what was I thinking obviously I wasn't I thought it would fit but it DOES NOT .. So I hope I can take it back or some one is getting a wreath for Christmas. Tonight was our MOPS leadership dinner at Sue's house. We had a beautiful dinner and the played NASTY Santa.. It was a lot of fun I brought a soup-mix,homemade to and from tags, personalized ornament, chocolate covered pretzels and some bath salts for my gift and I stole a GREAT one. Eve brought rosemary walnuts, cranberry cheese-balls and coffee cake. So that is what I came home with I was very delighted I ate the walnuts on the way I love them so much Thank you Eve..!!..Well I better get to bed tomorrow is a minimum day so I can't take a morning nap with Isaiah LOL. I have to get up and get movin'


Anna said...

we wanna see the picture of your front door - girlfriend!! ps i love costco shopping..... which one do you go to???

Salai said...

The one on Rosedale!!!!