Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jan 23rd

Who's 50?? Today is Brett's birthday. Brett is my sister Linda's boyfriend I call him her rock star boyfriend..Just for laughs. He is the drummer in a local band called Sunday Snake Oil.So Nikki is going to come over tonight and watch the boys and Raima and I are going to go to some bar in Oil-dale and watch him play and celebrate his 50th birthday with him. Happy Birthday Brett. Joshua and I cut out some stuff on the cricut and made big signs that say Happy 50th,The drummer is 50 and so on. We had a god time cutting out the stuff and making his signs. Then we headed to his party... OH my. It was a fun evening. I invited Jana and Guin to come hang out and we all had a great time listening to him play!

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Anna said...

HOW fun!! hope u had a GRAND time!! big hugs and kisses.... ANNA