Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jan 21 st

So I woke up this morning and made the boys some breakfast and made a list of everything in my pantry and freezers..Yes it is time to meal plan for the month....I decided to go to Star-bucks in Barnes and Noble this morning. I met Ashley there and we hung out for a while and had lunch... She was there working on some digital stuff and I was meal planning... Ray is off and home with the boys so I planned all my meals and headed to my first stop...Manny's discount grocery. Their dents and bents will save you dollar and cents ..HAHAHA... I really do love Manny's I find great deals there WEEKLY!!! After Manny's I headed to Winco another favorite money saver! I planned meals for 18 days..

The boys are home today with Raima. They are happy because Nintendo sent our WII back today. YAY!! We have missed our WII!
We have a lot of fun playing together, especially Mario Cart. It is serious business around here when it comes to the WII battle! HAHAHA

This evening after dinner I went to my friend Shirley's house. She had a Stamp and Up party and we made 2 Valentine cards. Hung out had some yummy chicken soup and lots of girl talk fun! Those chicks are CRAZY!!

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