Friday, February 5, 2010

Jan 22

Today is friday and what to do??? We decided home made pizzas and movie rentals... Sounds fun to me! Andy,CoCo,Aidyn, Drew, and Nikki came over for some fun and Pizza. We made chicken alfredo,mushroom and cheese on pita bread. We also made pepperoni and cheese. It was a fun night. Sarah Swan came over for some help with the Cricut. She cut out giraffes and frogs as her decorations for her shower on Sunday. We also made a parking sign and a sign that said Baby Shower. It was a nice evening the kids had fun running around... We also found a big puddle of water in the scrap book room. It is coming in from the bottom of the room. UGH This is what happens when 'some guy' builds a room extension on your house for REALLY good price.. HAHA Oh Well we got some sand bags and dried out the carpet with a fan and we are back in business...

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