Saturday, May 9, 2009


Not a very good photo,but I took one shot and my camera died...It was busy day at Disneyland yesterday I guess!! Today was the Golden State picnic.Every year they have a summer picnic for the employees and their families. Good food, Raffles and fun. This year was no different. The picture is of every one waiting for the raffle numbers to be called. Unfortunately we did not win anything this year. Maybe next year.. Thanks GSD for a great picnic and being a great company. Raima is a driller for GSD. He has worked there for almost 8 years and loves his job. He works hard and long hours. But he only works half the year! He works 4 days on and 4 days off. Which equals out to about half the year. He is very lucky to have such a great job especially during such hard economic times. We are grateful for his seniority,insurance,401k,generous bonuses and the paycheck every other week. Thank you Raima for working hard and supporting our family. I love being able to Stay home with our boys and that would not be possible without YOU. Your hard work and dedication to our family!

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