Monday, June 1, 2009

ok ok

So I have really sucked at blogging lately. I don't know I kinda lost interest or maybe I am just interested in every one else's blog, I don't have any time for my own !!! I am going to go back to May 18th and upload my pictures to current and then start fresh.. I love that people actually know the date of my last blog entree and ask me where I have been. Makes feel kinda good that people actually read my blog!! I am back and it is going to take me a little while to catch up, but the reason I am keeping this blog -I would like to have a book at the end of the year for my family to look back on. I am excited to be creative and to be back at keeping our family journal. Yes MOM I am going to bring my blog up to date and I LOVE you!!!!! So just keep scrolling down for the catch up from May 18th it will be below in chronological order.

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Anna said...

cute cute Miss Sarah - you have been missed and we are happy to have you back in bloglandia :) xo, anna

hehehh - my word verification..... is "nooner" ;)