Saturday, April 25, 2009


While daddy went fishing for the weekend I decided to take Joshua and Isaiah to see Granny and PaPa. My dad is still very sick ad my mom loves when we come to see them . She doesn't go many places any more it is just too hard on my dad and any visitors are welcomed with opened arms and good cooking. We had a really good time in Trona. My dad is slowly recovering from his stroke and my mom is such a good care taker. She said something while I was there that really touched my heart. I commented on how hard it was to a be care giver and how serious she took for better or worse and through sickness and health. She was good wife. She told me she was told a long time ago that{you have to dance with the guy who brought you}. My parents have been married 43 years and they still love eachother. Thank you Mom for caring for my dad during this hard time. He loves you and so do I. He couldn't ask for a better wife right now. I hope one day to be half the wife that you are. I pray for you daily and the situation that you are in. I hope that Dad gets better soon. It is so hard to see him sick !

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